Terrible Poems

02/11/17 (truth is…)

Ernest Hemingway said, "Never tell. "Never tell them." but truth is...sometimes, all this dying glow needs is release; all these words inside my head wants is a face to say, "The truth is..." to; all these ruins want is another traveller who'd dare turn and come in, just to give a nod and a wondering [...]

Terrible Poems

01/14/17 (jabberwocky)

hearts electro-popping, we got Plath and milkshakes, dancing through harpsichord tunes with our eyes tightly closed --hearts electro-popping; we spinned through jazz after jazz, pizza after pizza, smoke after smoke, Ginsberg after Pope after Whitman, the words and blues howled in our veins under the footbridges where we lulled ourselves, while conversing with space, fingers entwined, [...]